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By Kevin Wang | 16 December 2020 | 0 Comments

Why oil drilling need drilling fluid solids control system?

We all know, the drilling fluid solids control system is necessary for oil drilling, but do you know why?

In the drilling process, there are lot of drilling fluid, and with the deeper of drilling, there are lots of drilling cuttings. This drilling cutings will efect the drilling fluid's physical properties, and increase drilling fluid's density, viscosity, braking force and flow resistance. And in the drilling process, the drilling cuttings can damage the hydrocarbon reservoir, reduce the drilling speed etc. So the drilling cuttings belong to harmful solid phase, and must remove to dispose.

The best way to remove harmful solid phase and keep useful solid phase is mechanical way. First use Shale shaker to remove the bigger size, because the drilling fluid is ropiness, using the shale shaker's vibrating force, to make the useful solids separated out and flow into the fluid. Tangshan AngXin Technology's shale shaker is linear motion, and the mesh size choosed is according to drilling fluid's density, to make sure the drilling fluid's coverage can reach 75%-80% on the shaker screens' surface.

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